Dear board of directors,
I want to apologise for delay reply. I was at my village to celebrate Tihar great festival of Nepal so I couldn’t read your mails. I came yesterday to Kathmandu now it’s easier for me to read and send mails.
The year 2012 was very fruitful for us because we were able to construct the hostel building for the students of the upper villages of Mukot V.D.C. The construction of hostel building was very important and won’t be done without the support of ‘Ecolier du monde’ and ‘Arche de dolanji’. We are very thankful to both the foundation for all the help and support for the students of Mukot V.D.C and hope for more support and help in the future.
The academic session of TNPS was started from March and ended at the last of October. All the staffs of school have done very good work. There are six staffs including new government teacher. His name is Bir bahadur Sunar and he used to teach at Dho tarap school. This year the total number of students are 54. Due to their old tradition of sending their children to Gumba in India is the main cause in decreasing students number. Not only in Kagkot but all the schools of Dolpa are facing the same problem. Among 54 students nine students are from other villages. This year classes was from nursery to grade three. All the students have done excellent in their class activities and secure good marks in exams too. They are progressing each year in their study as well as in extra curriculum activities like dance, drawing and games. All the villagers are very happy to have English medium school and hostel at their village.
Now most of the villagers knew the aim of the hostel so they are happy and ready to send their children to hostel at Kagkot gau and some villagers don’t understand even we tried to make them understand and we are sure that we will make them understand about the importance of education for their future. Last year the Kagkot villagers were stubborn and were unknown about the aim and objectives of hostel but this year we tried hard to make them understand and we succeed too. They are ready to help us and other villagers. They even wanted to go with us to other villages to convince and to collect names for the next year hostel but they were busy in their harvest so we insist.
We visited to other villages and got chance to knew their view about hostel. They are very happy to send their kids to school of Kagkot.
We are very happy and grateful to ‘Arche de dolanji’ for giving us chance to work with you and the simple and innocent people of Dolpa. We are very grateful to ‘Ecolier du monde’ for helping us and the people of Dolpa to get good education at their place.
Hope to get your reply soon.

Sincerely yours
Sunita Moktan